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Persons with autism may possess the following characteristics in various combinations in varying degrees of severity:
laughing or giggling
No real fear
of dangers
insensitivity to pain
May not want
Sustained unusual
or repetitive play
Uneven physical or
verbal skills
May avoid
eye contact
May prefer
to be alone
Difficulty in
expressing needs;
may use gestures
to objects
Insistance on
Echos words
or phrases
response to sound
Spins objects
or self
Difficulty in
interacting with others
Autism Society of America    7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 300    Bethesda, MD 20814.3067    1.800.328.8476
*=* The ARC (formerly Assoc. for Retarded Citizens) *=*
*=* Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) *=*
*=* Autism Network International (ANI) *=*
*=* Autism Research Institute (ARI) *=*
*=* Autism Society of America (ASA) *=*
*=* Autism Speaks *=*
*=* CHildren and adults with Attention Deficit Disorders (CHADD) *=*
*=* Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative *=*
*=* Families for Early Autism Treatment (FEAT) *=*
*=* The Geneva Centre for Autism *=*
*=* Hermie & Elliott Sadler Foundation *=*
*=* The National Autistic Society of the United Kingdom *=*
*=* Chapel Hill Training-Outreach Project / Respite *=*
*=* Son-Rise Program *=*
Medical Research
*=*=* Carolina Institute of Developmental Disabilities *=*=*
*=*=* Duke University Medical Center *=*=*
*=*=* Expolring Autism - Genetics *=*=*
*=* Great Plains Laboratory for Health, Metabolism and Nutrition *=*
*=* Health Research Institute (HRI) *=*
*=*=* Learning & Developmental Disabilities Evaluation & Rehabilitation Services *=*=*
*=*=* Univ of Chicago - Laboratory of Developmental Neuroscience *=*=*
Behavior Modification
*=* Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies *=*
*=* Treatment and Education of Autistic and *=*
*=* Related Communication Handicapped CHildren (TEACCH) *=*
*=* Home Teaching Kits (Beginning and Intermediate) *=*
Special Education
*=* Beach Center on Families and Disability *=*
*=* Calloway House - Classroom Products *=*
*=* Different Roads to Learning *=*
*=* Do 2 Learn *=*
*=* Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Regulations *=*
*=* Individualized Education Programs *=*
*=* Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI) *=*
*=* KidAccess *=*
*=* Learning Accomplishment Profile Information (LAP) *=*
*=* Mayer-Johnson, Inc. *=*
*=* PlaySteps *=*
*=* Pyramid Educational Consultants (PECS) *=*
Books and Biographies
*=* Autism Society of North Carolina Bookstore *=*
*=* Autism and Developmental Delay Resource Catalog *=*
*=* AutismTalk.Net *=*
*=* Home Delivery Incontinence Service *=*
*=* A Small Miracle - Comprehensive Services *=*
*=* Sensory Fun *=*
*=* Spec-L Assistive Clothing *=*
*=* Zappos Velcro Shoes *=*

Medically Speaking
Antidepressant Therapy May Aid Autistic Children by Karyn Hede George
Autism by Isabelle Rapin, M.D.
Autism and the Limbic System by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D., Center for the Study of Autism, Salem, Oregon
Biomedical Research (NAAR) by Clarence E. Schutt, Ph.D.
Gene Linked to Autism: An Interview w/Margaret Pericak-Vance, Ph.D. by Laurie Barclay, M.D.
Medical issues and Research by Dr. J. P. Horrigan, Clin Asst Prof, UNC Neurosciences
Neurobiology of Infantile Autism by R. D. Ciaranello, M.D.
Origins of Autism by Dr. Patrica M. Rodier
Researchers Discover First Autism-Susceptibility Gene by PSL Consulting Group Inc.
Researchers Identify Gene Common to Many Autism Cases by Nat. Inst. of Child Health & Human Development
Secretin Information by K. Horvath, M.D., Ph.D., K. L. Reichelt, M. Gorman, S. L. Connors M.D. & D. E. Crowell
Speech Gene discovered!!?? by Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent and REUTERS
Treating Serious Behavioral Problems a NIMH Study at Yale, Ralph Ankenman, M.D., and Web Links
Understanding Autism (Bennett Leventhal Helps Hollywood) by Achy Obejas, Chicago Tribune Staff Writer
Around Here
ARC: A Program In Transition by Virginia Knapp, Staff Writer, Chapel Hill News
ASA Conference 2001 (Report to the ASNC Board) by Mary Jo Croom
ASA Conference 2002 (Report to the ASNC Board) by Ann Palmer
Autism Ribbon Run 2002 Autism Society of North Carolina
Autism Ribbon Run 2003 Autism Society of North Carolina
Autism Ribbon Run 2004 Autism Society of North Carolina
Autism Ribbon Run 2005 Autism Society of North Carolina
Budget Deficit in North Carolina by Kimberly Cartron & Chris Estes, NC Budget & Tax Center
Crabpots, Etc. Autism Society of North Carolina
JERRYFEST Chapel Hill News, Store On Board
Japanese Delegation, Fukuoka, Japan by Mr. Kita, Support Group Coordinator
A Story About Joey and the Dentist by Linda Varblow, Chapel Hill TEACCH Therapist
A Story About Joey and the Potty by Linda Varblow, Chapel Hill TEACCH Therapist
Autism can Teach us the Important Things by Kyle Cory, TEACCH Office Staff & Pathways for People
Beacon of Hope to Parents by Alan Scher Zagier
Confronting the Rise in Autism by Sarah Avery
Don't Lose Sight of Need for Services by Steve Cory, Guardian
Each Person With Autism Has Own Personality by Latrica Best, Guest Columnist Chapel Hill Herald
Life Plan Trust, Inc. by Noelle Gay Schofield, Family Services Coordinator
Mother helps others accept and cope with an autistic child by Valerie Schwartz, Chapel Hill News
Parental Perspectives Related to Transition by Jacqueline M. Ransdell
Autistic Children Learn Life Skills by Jon Dougherty; Asst. Editor, Daily Tar Heel
Communication Intervention for Children with Autism: An Update by Linda R. Watson, Ed.D, CCC-SLP
Helping People with Disabilities Helps Everybody by Bill Gates
Middle School Improvement Plan by 2002-2003 CHALU Middle School Committee
Dev. Social Groups for Children Workshop by L Marcus, K Flinn, N Ament, J Eigenrauch, B Bianco & J Thomas
Current Interventions in Autism - A Brief Analysis by Polly A. Yarnall, M.Ed.
Services for Adolescents and Adults by J. McKnight, Adolescent and Adult Therapist of the Chapel Hill TEACCH
A Teaching Kit that helps Children with Autism Learn Basic Skills by Allen Smith, Eagle Scout
TEACCH Methods and My Daughter by Jamezetta Bedford
TEACCH Principles by Colleen Glair-Gajewski
TEACCH Strategies : They Work! by Nancy Trembath
TEACCH Structured Teaching Outside of the Classroom by Carolyn Penn
Teaching Social/Problem Solving Skills by Kent Moreno
Caregivers and Clients by Mayer Shevin
Someone Sent Me This... by Unknown
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