Hi, Steve Cory here. I’m a Psychologist whose focus of expertise speaks about experimental psychology and neuroscience.  I made this blog to further explain and well, put into writing snippets of my research and learning everyday. Learning and experimentation in this profession is endless. Every now and then, depending on the case that is being drawn to you by clients, you get to learn and discover the matrices of the human brain and human intervention. Social experimentation is also the best way for us to evaluate the current and ever-changing thinking of an individual.

I have to note that I may have or maybe sharing some of my former clients’ experiences here but it is willful not to divulge any personal details nor any information that will likely reveal their privacy.  The purpose of doing such is to solely share and get a good lesson from those experiences.

Life is so precious that we ignore all the signs of love and appreciation of everybody around us. It is clearly understood that each and everyone of us is dealing with different life scenarios. But the point of the matter still remains that we cannot cope with our life issues alone. We need our family, our partner, and our friends in order to initiate the healing of our hearts faster.

Contact me if, in any case, you are needing some professional help.