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Mad Genius – The Sad Truth of Smart People

I was researching the brain all my career life but it still surprised me to learn in a book about creativity that many brilliant people are in fact, a little crazy. Maybe they are misunderstood, or maybe their search for brilliance left their thinking a little off. But the fact is that many writers end up being treated for depression or even manic depression. Poetry writers and many scientists are in fact, schizophrenic.
Now, I highly doubt that being clinically insane is a prerequisite for being highly intelligent, but I found it interesting to have this high incidence of correlation. This research into creativity and about the brain was very interesting.

And there are ways to cure the brain from disorders, whether you believe in faith, nutrition, or medicine. One excellent book, Change your Brain Change your Life was very interesting. Most people are a little off. It took Dr. Amen 3000 people to find about 80 healthy brains.

I know that just by retraining your thinking you can beat depression and exercise is the best antidepressant. But eating healthy is also very important. Did you know that ADD can be treated in part without medicine by following a high protein diet similar to Atkins Diet?

I think it is important to be well balanced, to have a social life. Even if its just a few friends and family. All work and no play does indeed make Jack a dull boy. To be positive is a good thing. How many of us think negatively? Looking forward to life is the path towards happiness. And being positive and healthy is important to that path.

smart-peopleIt is important to remember that whether you are deemed brilliant, or average, there are certain things you can do to improve brain function. But you need to know what your problem is and what to do to fix it. Dr. Amen’s book, is very helpful in this respect. Although it is a complicated field, there is hope for those who want to feel better. Whether you take the steps to change is up to you.

I find that Faith has helped me a lot for myself. I don’t try to force my beliefs on anyone, but it has comforted me. Prayer can make you feel a lot better and can even bring about healing, answered prayers and a whole plethora of benefits. And if you pray for someone and they get better, isn’t that worth it?

I think whether you are brilliant or not, doesn’t need to be your end all and be all. We need to be well balanced and healthy. And faith can help put us on the right track. It is true that being a Psychologist or having been in the field of science really separates these two beliefs. Science does not support any miracle of faith, but it does support the power of one self to feel better when you believe in something that makes you feel better. Our brain directs us to this belief, and I still believe that it is part of human nature. Our soul still most of the time gives us powerful instincts to overcome some challenges that we face in the real world. This is where intelligence and kindness get in. And that makes this world a better place to live in.